Sage Garden

"We believe every subject can be taught in the garden and the kitchen. Science, math, and reading certainly come to life for students. Teamwork, following instructions, and respect for others are part of our lessons students put into practice. English language learners become brave enough to ask questions and share names of vegetables in their native tongue. And although it is our mission, the improved eating habits of students almost pales in comparison to all the other learning that occurs in these settings.

Classroom teachers are excited about using school gardens, but they don’t have the bandwidth to add garden maintenance to their list of responsibilities. At Sage Garden Project, we advocate for schools to hire specialists in garden and cooking instruction… the way other subjects such as art, music, PE, and language are offered at the elementary level. With a dedicated educator, students can experience the pride of ownership that maintaining a school garden provides, and the sense of accomplishment from preparing food to share with others.

Sage Garden Project supports schools in hiring their own educators, by providing funding, curriculum, equipment, and perhaps most importantly, essential training in the form of a 3-day workshop during the summer. During this training, they gain invaluable ongoing support from a network of peers

When a school hires a dedicated educator to teach cooking and make garden programming part of the school day, we see transformative change happen. Students become more open to a variety of foods. They start thinking about the effects of what they are eating, and the actions they are taking. We can see that we are preparing them for a healthier, richer tomorrow."


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