At times it may be necessary to take immediate action to benefit all students. The following behavior will not be allowed and may lead to immediate suspension, as stated in the San Diego Unified School District Discipline Policy:

1. Defiance of authority
2. Deliberate classroom disruption or verbal abuse
3. Fighting anywhere on school grounds or surrounding areas (severe fights may be cause for expulsion)
4. Drugs
5. Theft
6. Vandalism
7. Smoking
8. Weapons--possession of any item including firearms, knives, or other dangerous objects which could cause injury to another. (This may lead to expulsion)

To provide a safe, effective learning environment, Holmes adheres to the district's student discipline policies. To learn more, visit the district's Student Discipline Policies page.


The Role of the Classroom Teacher:

1. When a problem occurs in the classroom, the teacher will use various techniques of Assertive Discipline to resolve the problem.
2. When a problem occurs outside the classroom the student will be given a "Warning" for the misbehavior and/or a "Time Out Pass." Students who receive a "Time Out Pass" are expected to spend their recess with a supervising teacher in the cafeteria. After successfully serving detention in the cafeteria the student's recess privileges will be reinstated.
3. For continued misbehavior and/or repeated warnings, the student will be given a referral slip. The teacher will contact the parents to alert them and offer suggestions and procedures to resolve the problem. In support of the school wide discipline plan, it is the responsibility of the parents to discuss the misbehavior with the student and sign and return the referral slip the following day.
4. For severe, persistent misbehavior, the student will be referred to the district counselor and/or principal for all or part of the school day.

The Role of the Principal:

1. Except in emergencies, when a student is referred to the principal it is assumed that the parents have already been contacted by the teacher.
2. The principal will discipline these students and provide firm guidelines for future appropriate behavior.
3. Parents will be contacted by telephone or letter when students are referred to the principal.
4. When appropriate, the principal will arrange a conference with the parent, child, teacher, and counselor. At this meeting a plan will be agreed upon to change the inappropriate behavior.

Other Actions That May Be Taken If Improvement Does Not Occur:

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